Time flies

Yo yo yooooo! It’s been awhile, can you believe that TERRIBLE year is finally over?! Thank G- wait, what? That’s TODAY? Already? Drag.

NEVER MIND! Anyway we played a couple shows towards the end of last year and they were really fun! I’m gonna tear through this shit cause I gotta get up at like 8. What can I say, working from home is a rough life.

Back in November we were invited to play the inaugural celebration of the First Church of Amplifier Worship, Texas chapter. But first: Melissa and I went to Walter’s after band practice!

Pleasure 2, the new project from Indian Jewelry’s Tex and Erika Kerschen, whom I hadn’t seen in several years. Perennially unique, stylish and legit. I like it best when it’s just the two of them.

We also caught Trillblazers, featuring Halston “wildman” Luna on guitarĀ  and TERRY MUTHAFUCKIN NUNN on vocals. I remember this being SHOCKINGLY fun but aside from that I’m afraid I am a bit fuzzy. You should see this thing, if it ever happens again.

The next day while killing time I went to Zine Fest Houston at the Lawndale Art Gallery, which was downright vibrant!

So much so, it was hard to walk! ART.

November 19, 2016: First Church of Amplifier Worship Showcase Showdown at the Satellite Bar

Jason Jordan of Sam’s other band Pyreship put this together to highlight some of his favorite heavy bands from southeast Texas and we were honored to be included. This was a rare opportunity to share the stage with some bands who brought even more too much gear than we did!

Our boy Rory going hard at the mic with Sleeping Ancient. They have a newish EP out!

The Dirty Seeds, preaching the gospel of heavy blues

Pyreship (L-R): Jason’s amp A; Jason’s cabinet A; Jason’s amp B; Jason’s cabinet B; Steve’s drums; George’s cabinet B; Steve; George’s amp; George’s cabinet A; George; Sam’s amp A (not pictured); Sam’s cabinet A; Sam’s hair; Sam; Sam’s amp B; Sam’s cabinet B

WHEW. I need a drink of water! Hahaha. Seriously I hadn’t seen Pyreship before and they slayed. You can preview their upcoming EP on YouTube.

My man Steve, groovin’ high. (He also let me borrow his drumset! Thanks buddy!

To suit the tenor of the evening we played our “doom set:”

Duck Puncher Rotting Hill
Get Your Dead Straight
Augustina (first performance!)
Arms That Flood
A Cruel Weight, Thy Wound

After we played I dropped my phone and basically destroyed it, plus I had to go back to Austin, so I didn’t get any more pictures. But Sam did snap this photo of Switchblade Jesus:

This photo by the way comes from our BRAND NEW INSTAGRAM PAGE, you can follow us at @omotaitheband please do so kthx.

Much thanks to Jason and FCOAW for having us!


A couple weeks after that we returned to Austin to open for OCEANS OF SLUMBAAHHHH!

December 2, 2016: Grizzly Hall (Austin) with Oceans of Slumber and more!

This show was originally booked at the Dirty Dog Bar, where we had played with Ghost Bath and others, but it was moved to Grizzly Hall after that became the official home of Come and Take It Productions last fall.

If you’ll indulge my Austinism for a moment: Grizzly Hall has an interesting history- the Beauty Bar moved off 7th Street to East Riverside around 2010 or so at the same time Emo’s relocated down there, and became the Beauty Ballroom. Antone’sĀ  took over the spot about a year later, and then when Antone’s moved back downtown a couple years ago, the building became the Midway Field House, where we played back in March. Shortly after that it became Grizzly Hall, which involved a redecoration that added a “log cabin” look, complete with animal heads. Through it all, it’s been a fun place to see shows, largely because of the space- a nice medium-sized room with a balcony on the second floor and good sound. So it’s exciting to see it run by a promoter with a strong creative vision like Come and Take It. I hope they’ll be there a long time!

ANYWAY. I’m gonna throw up some photos of this show, but you should know that NecroBlanco Photography & Design has a shitload of EXTREMELY MUCH BETTER photos of the show that you should definitely go look at, including this gem!



Ten Foot Beast opened up. I think Omotai has played with them before but it was my first time seeing them. They sound quite a bit like Keelhaul, who as I recall were Sam’s favorite band when I met him a million years ago.

We played second.


Rotting Hill
?? (it was 6 weeks ago, give me a break)
Cruel Weight

Tim Walker of Agamemnon. Also my first time seeing these guys, although we’d met them before once or twice. Sick chops on these dudes. They have a new single coming out next week, so watch for that.

Austin’s Vex– these guys were hella fun. Just ask this cat!

Their third album, Sky Exile, came out last year and was very well-received.

Of The Sun‘s Dave Duvall and his brother Patrick “Legs” Duvall. I played with Dave in a Nomeansno cover band for a little while, which was really fun- INSANE bass mastery on this guy. New album from these guys about to come out- watch for it!



Oceans of Slumber, tearing it up. These guys were way more brutal live than I was expecting and I was impressed.

Sorry about the banister

And of course seeing Dobber Beverly play is a treat. This guy is like life-changingly good. At one point Melissa leaned over to me and said, “This is almost more like jazz than metal.” In case you don’t play the drums, this is a high compliment.

We had an amazing time- many many thanks to James Gonzalez and Come and Take It Productions for having us once again.

Next up: we’re back at Revolutions in Bryan on January 27th for Steph Steph Steph Fest! Gonna be STEPH THA CHAIN.

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