Tenino record release

Last night we were honored to be guests in Bryan at (where else) Revolution Cafe and Bar, at a celebration of the first 7″ from our good friends in instrumental rosck trio Tenino.

Fortunately, this time the journey was uneventful, by which I mean we didn’t leave Jamie’s amp on the loading dock.

When I later commented approvingly on Melissa’s t-shirt, it came out that Remission is not in my top 4 favorite Mastodon records and now I think I might be in trouble.

July 7. 2017- Tenino 7″ release party at Revolution Cafe and Bar (Bryan, TX) with the Ex-Optimists and My Twilight Pilot

Although the band arrived on time for a change, I got held up at home washing the neck cheese off of this little guy

(Just FYI this is going to be a regular thing from now on so you’d better get used to it)

Unfortunately Death Metal Bathtime caused me to miss the Ex-Optimists’ set, including Mike apparently using a beer can as a slide?

Now I wasn’t there but I’m going to guess this sounded something like WHOOOOSSSSHHHHHHHHEEEECCCKKKCKCKCKKCKCKKCKAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKSKSSHH

I’ve really been liking this band recently and I hope I get another chance to see them soon. In the meantime I’ll just have to content myself with a copy of their latest release, a split 7″ with Economy Island where both bands cover Guided By Voices.

Our buddies in My Twilight Pilot were up next- their Bedhead/ Godspeed-inspired post-rock is always a treat.

Last time I mentioned a fun fact about MTP’s original bass player, Matt Loftin. Here’s another fun fact I just realized last night: both MTP guitarists are also named Matt.

I believe this was their setlist that I found on the bar later:

UNFORTUNATELY, this souvenir is a one-of-a-kind item not available in stores anywhere. FORTUNATELY, MTP just finished a run of new shirts, which should be available in their shop soon! BOLO.

The centerpiece of the evening was a langorous set of beautiful throwback instrumental emo/post-rock from Tenino (pronounced, as I only just learned, Te-NINE-oh).

I really like what this band is doing, and they get a little bit better every time I see them, in the way that happens with bands that are just getting started. I can’t wait to listen to their new 7″, which you should buy RIGHT NOW, or like whenever it becomes available on their bandcamp page at least.

We closed things out around 12:45.


Lurching Away
A Maiden Nerve
Back Office
Tusk Aurora (with extended ending that didn’t really go anywhere, let’s be real)

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! After we wrapped it up Steph from Tenino embarrassed some poor sap who was turning the ripe old age of [REDACTED] with an honest to goodness birthday cake:

This was very sweet. Thank you Steph, Nick and Ed, and as usual Jess Little, for a wonderful night. Thanks as well to the homies from Mutant Love and Electric Astronaut for all the good vibes, and for recognizing my t-shirt from the short-lived Houston band the Turkeys.

Afterwards Jamie, Sam and Mel crashed with Mike, while I drove home under one of the brightest moons I’ve ever seen.

See y’all in Dallas tonight.


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