SSSF 2017

Last Friday we trucked it up to Bryan for Steph Steph Steph Fest 2017: an annual celebration of the amazing life of Steph Heath, thrown by our bud Jess Little (and Steph herself, natch).

BUT FIRST! 20 minutes of TRUE PANIC as Melissa and I booked it back downtown at top speed through the tail end of rush hour traffic, following the realization we had left Jamie’s amp on the loading dock outside the practice space. FORTUNATELY the ILLUSTRIOUS Stephen Bee had noticed our mistake and rescued the hapless Skyhammer. UNFORTUNATELY he demanded the promise of my firstborn son in exchange for its return. Sorry kid, Jamie’s gotta rock!

January 27, 2017: SSSF 2017 at Revolution Cafe & Bar (Bryan, TX)

We figured our misadventure would cause us to miss the beginning of the show, but FORTUNATELY showtime had been pushed back due to “lost dogs” ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) so we were able to catch the tail end of Tenino‘s set.

They seemed louder and harder than the last time we played together, I think? Steph got a new bass and it’s pretty baller. I’m also going to use this opportunity to call her out for doing an exceptional job of keeping it together for the whole night- I saw her at about 1:30 and she was still totally lucid! Not easy to do at one’s own party.

My Twilight Pilot, shoegazin’ it up. I had heard their name forever but somehow never seen them play (turns out they were on hiatus for about ten years) so I was very glad to rectify that.

Fun fact: the bass player in the first band Sam and I had together, which shall remain nameless, was a guy named Matt Loftin, who was the original bassist for: My Twilight Pilot. (Matt lives in Turkey now and plays in a band called Housing Crash.)

Cold as fuck last night, y’all. #sludgemetal #omotaiband #waitingyourturn

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Between bands we “chilled” (as in, got iced on from the sky) in the biergarten outside, next to a RATHER SMOKY potbellied stove.

No, I’m the Leader, midway through an EPIC prog set. Great chops on these guitarists. Look at all those strings! I think James Love used to have a 7-string a lot like that. And also used to be in Men Without Hats?? There’s so much I never knew about that guy.

We played next!

Vela Hotel
Fire is a Whore
Last of the Green Vial
Back to the Drifting Satellite (first performance!)
Back Office
Tusk Aurora

We had intended to debut “Back to the Drifting Satellite” at this show but cut it due to time concerns. Just as well- this way we could concentrate on rocking without having to pull off a song we’ve only been practicing for two freaking years.

I’m gonna level with you guys- I love playing at Revolution. All the intensity of a house show but with better drink selection. Last time we played here some dudes got so amped up there was a fight! Too cold for that this time but it was a crazy fun time nonetheless.


Even with a shorter set we didn’t get offstage until almost 1:15, but somehow Electric Astronaut had time to lay it down.

The truck drove off to the strains of their cover of “Guns of Brixton.” I stuck around, fist raised.

Thanks to Jess, Revolution and Bryan for being awesome. And Steph for gettin borned. See y’all soon.

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