Rockefeller’s. Real.

This past Friday we were asked to open a night of local music at Rockefeller’s by the prodigal son of Houston metal, the Right Honorable Mike Sims.


For people my age who lived in Houston as a young adult, Rockefeller’s is one of those places that you’ve heard of and driven past but never ever been to.

BB King at Rockefeller’s in 1988, from

All the big names in electric blues played there in the ’80s, but for the recent past it’s mostly been an event space that you could rent for your wedding reception or whatever. I certainly never expected to play a metal show there.

Turns out it’s REALLY NICE inside. From all the way up on the balcony our guitar rigs almost appear to be a reasonable size!

Friday, February 10: Rockefeller’s (Houston) with Project Grimm, Fiddlewitch and the Demons of Doom, Bayou Vimana and Baron Von Bomblast


Vela Hotel
Fire is a Whore
Last of the Green Vial
Back to the Drifting Satellite (first performance)
Back Office
Tusk Aurora

During the beginning of Satellite I realized something very important: when Sam’s guitar is feeding back, I can’t hear Jamie’s stage sound, AT ALL. Note to self: stage right guitar in monitors.

After us came our floormates at Sterrett St. Rehearsal Studios (and featuring my former blogmate John Cramer), Project Grimm.  Insanely, although they’ve been around since I was in eighth grade, I had never seen them before.

What’s to be said about these guys really. They’re a big loud Houston stoner rock band. I love that shit! They played a Squat Thrust song! And messed it up! (John: “they probably never played it right either”)

Ricky rapped about this awesome drumset with me for like 15 minutes!

Project Grimm have a new LP coming out on the Italian label Vincebus Eruptum TODAY. Buy that shit!

Now, here’s why Houston is the shit. In any other city a band with the name “Fiddle Witch and the Demons of Doom” would be some knockoff Charlie Daniels ass nonsense.

In Houston, Fiddle Witch is Jo Bird of Two Star Symphony and the Demons of Doom are Geoffrey Muller of Grandfather Child and Robert Ellis and the legendary SPIKE the Percussionist, and they’re playing some legitimately avant garde doom rock that is also quite fun.

Did I MENTION Spike the Percussionist is in this band

FWATDOD have a pretty recent album that you can get, but if you live in Houston I highly recommend that you go see them at Rudyard’s on March 18.

At this point things in the show things were starting to get crazy. People were dropping stuff on the ground! I found $5! Along with this FLOOR COMB:

Somehow this seemed really important when I took the picture

But unfortunately we were all rather tired/hungry/needing to drive back to Austin, so we didn’t catch Bayou Vimana or Baron Von Bomblast, which was sort of a bummer because our old buds James Vidler and Kelsey Heath are in Bayou Vimana and Alison from BVB was EXTREMELY nice to us. So we’ll have to do this again sometime. Huge thanks to Mike, everyone at Rockefeller’s, and all the people I hadn’t seen in 8 or 9 years who came out to/played this show!




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