Return to Bryan

We’ve been playing in Bryan a couple-few times a year since about 2015, but due to various uninteresting circumstances we hadn’t done since last July. I guess they rebuilt Revolution after the last time we burnt it to the ground so here we go!

Friday, October 5- Revolution Cafe and Bar (Bryan, TX) with Woorms and the Black Catholics

I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to get out of Houston on a Friday, and we barely made it onstage before it was time to play. Between that and the fact that we hadn’t seen each other since last month in Dallas, it felt like a seat-of-the-pants kind of a night.

Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of night Revolution excels at delivering.

I stashed my baby with my parents (thanks guys!) so my dear wife Angela could come along- you can tell that she took these pictures and not me because A. I’m in them and B. they don’t look like complete shit!

The Savage Sky
Last of the Green Vial
Lurching Away
A Cruel Weight, Thy Wound (cut for time)
Arms That Flood

The energy onstage was great, but Ima be honest: I nearly forgot how to play Green Vial, which we have performed at almost every show for the last three and a half years. We need to practice more LOL

Up next was Baton Rouge’s Woorms. Now folks, I’ve been doing some research on Louisiana bands in the course of booking some upcoming shows there, and let me tell you something: there are a lot of good bands in Louisiana!

There’s a good deal of sludge and doom out there, but Woorms have an fun, riffy take on modern noise rock that could be compared possibly to a slowed-down Whores or a heavier, angrier Pissed Jeans.


It’s noise rock, you know what I mean. Woorms don’t have any albums out yet but they got a shitload of singles, which are good songs but also have an interesting and unusual sound for this genre.  Go check em out!

The drummer for Black Catholics looked awfully familiar:


As the band fired up the smoke machine, disorder threatened. . .

And soon, chaos reigned.

The singer for this band is Sam’s old pal Matt Shea btw. They were great!

I have to hand it to Revolution: there are not that many places that are cool with super loud bands inciting mosh pits immediately in front of the bar. This happens *every time* we play at Revolution. Buncha mad bastards over there! We love em!

One final note: this post about Bryan would not be complete if I didn’t mention our friend Kelly Minnis, singer/songwriter for the Ex-Optimists, who is in the process of moving to North Carolina. The Xops have helped set up shows in Bryan for a countless number of cool bands from around Texas and have really been a cornerstone of the scene as it’s grown in the last few years. They have a real good thing going there and I think everyone’s sorry to see Kelly go. The band isn’t breaking up, but they’re playing their last show for a while at Revolution tomorrow, Saturday, October 13. If you’re in the area you should go. And if you’re not, pick up a copy of their new LP, Drowned In Moonlight. Who knows when they’ll make another.