Pizza Time at Paper Tiger

This past Saturday we were honored to return to San Antonio for the first time since last February, and to Paper Tiger for the first time since 2015!

I know it may seem like we haven’t been playing that much recently, but a lot of people don’t understand how much work goes into being in a not-very-well-known heavy metal operation. The list of tasks for simply playing one show out of town seem endless!


  • Changing the strings on one of the guitars
  • Printing setlists
  • Driving / entertaining yourself while Jamie drives
  • Deciding what to get (and not to get!) on your pizza*
  • Smartphone-enabled clowning

I know we make it look easy, but trust me- it’s really really fuckin not!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2019: Paper Tiger (San Antonio) with Hatewaker, DSGNS, Koningsor and Covina

San Marcos’s Hatewaker opened the show.

Unfortunately, due to a “mistakes were made” type of deal, they had to cut their set very short- as did we- but I think they left us all wanting more; everyone in this band had a lot of personality, but I’d have to single out their singer, who looked like he stepped straight out of a west coast thrash video circa 1986, and their drummer, who had the highest ratio of skill to drumset quality I’ve seen in a while. He’s up there doing stick flips and shit and meanwhile his cymbals are just in *tatters*! It was fun. I also liked their name, because while hate is mostly a bad thing and you should not be a hateful person, the WORD “hate” sounds badass in band names. I’m just talking about real true facts here.

We played second! Setlist:

Last of the Green Vial
The Brat
Lurching Away
A Ruined Oak
(cut for time)
Get Your Dead Straight
(cut for time)

As usual I have no pictures of my own band playing but here’s a drumcam shot of me fixing my kick pedal after Green Vial! #CONTENT

DSGNS are good band buddies of ours from Austin, but we haven’t done a show with them since 2015, and WOW they have kicked it UP a notch!


I didn’t get any shots of their new singer Daniel (because he was on the floor) but his angry-caged-bear style is both a good fit with the band’s kinetic show and a pleasing counterpoint to their precision. A++ would noisecore again!

DSGNS theoretically have an EP coming out ANY DAY NOW that they’ve been working on for like 3 years or something. Can’t wait!

Koningsor, also from Austin, were next. We played with them just about six months ago at the White Swan in Houston, and I enjoyed their Fall-of-Troy style spazzcore both then and now.

Their drummer Andy set up the show and we could not be more grateful that they made us a part of it! Thanks so much guys!!

It looks like Koningsor should have a recording of some kind coming out soon, but for right now you can catch them in San Antonio (again) on Saturday at Quatermain’s Pub, or in Austin on April 11 at Come and Take It Live

As the only local band on the show, Covina closed us out.

Hmm this shot came out a *little* blurry. Let me see if I can do any better

Yeahhh, there we go! This is a pretty good representation of the chaos of their set: two members on the floor, big lights triggered by a MIDI pad on the drumset, a couple of little kids getting down next to the pit, just total moshy insanity. They were great. And super nice too- I talked to their drummer Joey about his custom SJC drumset for at least fifteen minutes, which I think goes without saying I consider time well spent.

Covina have a split with Austin’s GnarWolf that just came out in December- check it out!

Thanks to Covina, Paper Tiger and the fair city of San Antonio for having us. I hope we get to come back and do this again soon!

Thanks also to Andy and Koningsor for setting up the show and asking us to play!

Thanks to Hatewaker and DSGNS for kicking ass!

That’s it! Our next show will be in Bryan, headlining day one of LoudFest 2019.

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Hell yeah

* Pizza by Joey’s bar, bartender-in-Venom-t-shirt approved and far far better than it has any right to be