Napkins hit the floor in Bryan

It’s been almost a whole year but we finally got back to Revolutions, the best bar in historic downtown, Bryan TX. I’ve never been to any other bar in Bryan, but here’s how you know Revolutions is the best bar in Bryan: they have Steve Smith’s favorite beer.


October 15, 2016: Revolutions (Bryan, TX) with Unicorndog, Jody Seabody and the Whirls, and Tenino

Unicorndog started the night off strong with punk that put me in mind of the Dead Boys with some hardcore influences thrown in. Unfortunately we were still getting settled in and we didn’t get a chance to take any decent pictures, but here’s a sub-decent one!


It doesn’t look like these guys have any music online yet but I’m sure they will soon.

That light rig there belongs to fellow Houstonians Jody Seabody and the Whirls, whom I had heard about a few times recently but hadn’t actually seen yet. Important note: Jody Seabody is not the name of a member of the band. Just so you know!


At first I thought they were sort of a generic denim-vest type of band, but as their set wore on they kept surprising me- sometimes they split the difference between Turbonegro and Motorhead, and there was a lot of Thin Lizzy in there as well, but then they would pull out stuff that reminded me of T Rex, some KISS, some punk influences, and some more left-field type of stuff. These guys did a great job of changing it up and came off as an unusually smart take on ’70s hard rock, with a nice contrast in vocal styles between Clint Ryder’s gruff shout and Bryce Perkins’s singing. Something about that is very “Houston” to me. Their record Holographic Slammer came out just about a year ago– go buy it!

(Oh also Bryce’s dad was there because he was their driver on tour, which is ADORABLE)

The audience liked them too! Maybe a little too much? Near the end of their set things got a little hairy inside:


Somehow I didn’t get a shot of the bartender tossing handfuls of napkins into the air, which is weird because it seemed like he was doing it CONSTANTLY.

We played next- setlist:


I got turned around during the beginning of Pygmy, which we haven’t played live in more than a year, and lost track of the song REAL BAD. Realbad! Whoof.

Toward the end of our set, a couple of the guys in the audience, still riled up from Jody and possibly suffering from volume sickness, got into an apparently for-real fistfight right in front off us. They dusted themselves off and everyone took it in stride, but it was the mark of a set that felt VERY intense and heated, at least from where I was sitting.

Fortunately Tenino was there to bring us down gently:


Their chorus-laden instrumental rock reminded me strongly of Machine Is Not Broken-era Paul Newman. Peep their demo EP!

After they wrapped CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW HOT IT STILL IS, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. It was a sweaty drive back. Thanks ever so much to Jess Little and Revolutions for having us again, we sincerely hope nothing got wrecked, and if it did we left our giant jar of earplugs as compensation by mistake. We’ll be back around January-ish to pick them up! See ya then! Until then:


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