Live sludge in Steambath City

Last Saturday we threw a show at everyone’s favorite British Pub/ topic of internet controversy Rudyard’s in support of our new pals Glassing.

The Austin grind (?) trio had been recommended to us a couple of times, and when they told us they were coming through behind their new album, we were excited to put together a bill of local heavy hitters. . . but when that didn’t work out we just got Sam and Melissa’s other bands to play instead.

Saturday, June 15- Rudyard’s British Pub with Searing Arrow, Pyreship and Glassing

Searing Arrow is a new *band*, but as a project it’s been around for several years. Houston super-not-a-producer-just-an-engineer Chris Ryan of Dead City Sound (whom you may remember from the credits of every Omotai record) put together the first Searing Arrow record mostly on his own (with Denniz Polk contributing vocals) in 2014, and followed up with another last year.

He hadn’t brought the project to the stage until earlier this year, when he enlisted DIY wunderkind Shan Pasha of Ruiners on bass, guitar sorcerer Ted Conway of Myspace-era legends the Kants, and our very own Melissa on drums.

Note the telltale remains of one-half of the logo of Mike Mcaloon’s short-lived solo drum project GHETTO BLASTER

There are a lot of things to love about Searing Arrow (such as Denniz’s stage presence) but I’m going to single out the guitar interplay between Chris and Ted- two old friends who are just bursting with ideas and musical style. A little bird told me that Searing Arrow has another record coming out soon via Brent Tipton’s new Tall Texan imprint, so keep an eye out for that!

We’ve played with this next band a bunch of times before, and we also share a practice space with them, and also Sam is in the band. You know em, you love em, Pyreship!!!

Jason’s partner Jenny has recently been performing with the band as a vocalist on a couple of newer songs, and the one they played in this set was epic as heck. They even got Sam to do some clean singing!

My boy Steve was in especially fine form, with a well-groomed beard to boot.

Here’s a shot from another new song, which per Sam is entitled “Forest of Spears.” Stabtastic!

I of course like this band a lot to begin with, but their new material left me extremely impressed and I can’t wait to hear it recorded. In the meantime you can still get a copy of their debut The Liars Bend Low on LP.

Glassing began their set by requesting that Joe turn off the stage lights, upon which Chris could be heard to exclaim, “You have no idea what you’ve done!”

Make everything look dramatic as all hell is what they did!

Glassing play a type of music that one might be described using the recently coined term “grindgaze:” heavy, distorted bass, screeching vocals, blastbeats, but with guitar that plays dreamy, liquid melodies instead of power chords. I don’t want to make too much of it- at their core they’re a heavy band- but if you think of Rosetta as a grindcore band you’re not far off.

Glassing have a reputation among folks I know in Austin as a killer live band and they did not disappoint. Kinetic as hell with a strong stage presence and huge sound.

I have to take a second to geek out on Jason Camacho’s drumset which is one of the weirder kits I’ve seen recently:

This distinctive flared-barrel shape was created by a custom drum company using specialized DIY lathes. Camacho had a second floor tom on the left that was tuned to sound like a kick and it sounded HUGE. The company isn’t around anymore but supposedly there are a few kits left in a warehouse somewhere if you want to track one down. Best of luck.

Glassing are heading out to the east coast next week in support of their second LP on Brutal Panda records, entitled Spotted Horse. Go see em and buy their record, they rock.

In what seems to be turning into a trend, Omotai “headlined!”


The Brat
Spanish Constellation
A Ruined Oak
Throats of Snakes
Fire Is A Whore
Back Office
Arms That Flood

This was a fun set but I have to say that the highlight for me was when Sam paused between songs to thank “Searing Arrow, Glassing, and Pyreship” aka *his own band*.

Anyway thanks so much to Searing Arrow, Glassing and Pyreship for doing this show with us. This was one of those shows where every band both delivers both in terms of creativity and execution and complements the other bands on the bill really well- something that I’ve had happen in Houston more often than anywhere else. It was a good night.

Thanks as well to Mike, David, Thomas, Joe, Kim (?) and everyone else at Rudz, and of course to everyone who came out, including Melanie, Janet, John, who at this point I believe has bought every piece of merch we offer, and Philip, who has seen us so many times that he felt comfortable noting that “the first couple of songs were a little shaky.” Philip, I have video of these songs, and let me set the record straight: you are correct my brother.