Insert Inappropriate Hurricane or Flood-Themed Pun Here

Unless you are living under a huge ass rock, you probably know that our hometown of Houston, and a huge swath of communities up and down the Coast from Corpus Christi to Beaumont and into Louisiana, was completely pounded by Hurricane Harvey. Here we received a year’s worth of rain in a matter of days. IT WAS INSANE.

This is one for the books, maybe the biggest one for the books in U.S. history! And guess what – IT FUCKING SUCKS!

Every part of town. People of every race and tons of nationalities. Every income level from the super poor to the wealthy. Every immigration status. Just plain old PEOPLE. Also, dogs, cats, squirrels, cows, and more.

If you’d like to help with the recovery, below are links to some organizations that will put your money to work right away and right where it is needed most:

Mayor Turner’s Greater Houston Community Foundation – Hurricane Relief Fund
Houston Food Bank
Direct Relief
Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies – Assisting people with disabilities
Austin Pets Alive – Harvey Evacuations

The less populous cities such as Corpus Christi, Rockport, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Lake Charles, and many others will also need a lot of assistance.  At this time, Beaumont is said to be without clean water for days!

Brazos Valley Food Bank
Victoria Food Bank
Rockport and Fulton Hurricane Recovery Fund
Southeast Texas Food Bank

To make a long story short, the band is safe and no one personally got flooded, although a childhood home of one member was flooded out.  Many of our friends and their families were affected.  Including our friend Derek, who literally JUST bought a house – he needs some assistance to get back on his feet as well.  The whole thing was – and still is – an emotional rollercoaster for everyone here, as well as friends and family members that live elsewhere.

We appreciate the bands and friends from around the country that checked in on us!  And it astonishes me how many people put their own lives at risk to help others, and are volunteering, organizing and giving.

We’ll have some updates on our record that comes out soon and tour dates fairly soon. 5 boxes of which were about the only thing I elevated off the floor in my house, by the way.  But that seems a little ridiculous at the moment.

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