Hot Nites in Austin

Hola amigos! It’s been a while since I rapped at ya (again) but we’ve been busy in the land of Omotai. Not with the band- we suffered yet another injury that sidelined us for a couple of months. So what did we do with our time off?

Well, some of us went to Norway



Some of us joined country bands



Some of us got tattoos


And some of us bought stupid-looking new drumsets and remodeled our kitchens



But like all things, our vacation must come to an end, and we found ourselves traveling to Central Texas in the middle of summer to open for Ghost Bath, Underling and OUR FAVES He Whose Ox Is Gored.

We immediately regretted leaving the house.


July 22, 2016: The Dirty Dog (Austin) with Unmothered, Slurr, He Whose Ox Is Gored, Underling, and Ghost Bath



We had played with Unmothered before several times, both in Houston and Austin a while back and then at Red, White & Blood in March. Their bass player Joe was also kind enough to let Melissa use his cabinet for this show, so a BIG THANKS to him for that! Unfortunately he ran into a problem with his bass during the show and things got a little hairy, but they soldiered on nonetheless.

Hopefully we’ll be playing with these guys again soon. In the meantime, if you’re in Austin they are on a killer bill with Of the Sun and BLK OPS on August 6 at (not kidding) Kick Butt Coffee. Ima be there, no doubt.

We were on second. I debuted my new set of highlighter-green Ludwig Rockers, which looked even more ridiculous under the blue stage lights than I could have hoped.


(Photo courtesy Robert Joe)


Fire Is A Whore
Last of the Green Vial
This Is For Zora
Back Office
Tusk Aurora

Despite a little rustiness at the top, our set felt really good- a bit surprisingly so since, due to Sam’s injury and some scheduling conflicts, we hadn’t all been in the same room together once since May 5.

Slurr graciously helped us load our gear offstage (thanks guys!) and then delivered a heaping helping of down-home stoner blues.




Yeah! Crispy. Go check out Slurr’s EP!

I’m gonna be honest here- He Whose Ox Is Gored (or as I think they should be called, Screamin’ Lisa and Thee Oxx Boyz, let’s make it happen guys) was pretty much the whole reason we wanted to play this show.






I had been wanting to see these guys again since the instant they left the stage last October and I was not disappointed. I like their record- buy it here– but their live show . . .

Let me put it this way: I’ve seen Torche like six times and they’re one of my favorite live bands of all time, but theirs was only the third most memorable performance I’ve seen in the last year after the two shows we did with these guys.

Underling had the unenviable task of following Ox but their brand of California black metal has an intensity all its own.


Just stage presence for DAYS with these guys. Their music was cool too and they were SUPER NICE! Go get a copy of their latest album, which has the very metal title of BLOODWORSHIP! RUUUUHHH!

The notorious Ghost Bath brought a stage show befitting the headlining slot, complete with costumes, lights, and a large backline.


Their audience devoured it, and they left the stage to the sound of a hundred people chanting their name.


They were leading this package in support of their recent album Moonlover, which I would tell you to go buy but apparently you can’t anymore. Good luck!

We said our goodbyes and found, to our surprise, we still had time for a nightcap after a six-band bill. Let’s hear it for early shows!

And let’s also hear it for Anthony & James at Come and Take It Productions and the Dirty Dog for having us. Thanks guys!

And let’s NOT hear it for dehydration, boy did I feel tired Saturday morning. Urk.



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