Hometown throwdown 2018

We have a handful of shows coming up in Louisiana and Tennessee this week:

Thursday, 10/25- Memphis at the Lamplighter Lounge with Kroil and Brian Hillhouse
Friday, 10/26- New Orleans at the Steel Church with Cikada, BUG LORD and Moments of Being
Saturday, 10/27- Lafayette, LA at the The Freetown Boom Boom Room with Ismonic, Space Metal and Devoured By Plagues

But first: we played at the White Swan last Friday.

Now, if you haven’t been paying attention, we have not played in Houston as much as we used to the last couple of years. After a certain number of years, most original bands find that playing in their hometown once a month no longer holds the appeal that it once did. This is particularly the case when one of the members of the band has a different hometown than everyone else.

Anyway my point is that we were excited when Austin’s Forebode asked us to join this bill, because before Friday we hadn’t played in Houston for more than six months, and we hadn’t done a DIY club show like this one at home since we jammed with Dealer back in April 2017. In addition, Omotai hadn’t played at the White Swan since before Jamie was in the band, and I hadn’t even been there since the band Sam and I were in before Omotai existed played there in like 2007.

As it turned out very little had changed! It was the same old White Swan that we know and love. Although they did get a nice new TV at some point.


Did you know that curling matches have like 11 innings or whatever the fuck they’re called? The same teams were on for the entire five-band show.

Friday, October 19- The White Swan (Houston) with Galaxy Burner, Forebode, Koningsor and Krvshr

Fellow locals Galaxy Burner opened the show with a solid set of spacey stoner songs. SSSSSSS. I unfortunately did not make it from Austin in time to catch them, but Sam delivered this photo, apparently taken sometime in the late 19th century.

I’m sure we’ll see these guys again soon. In the meantime, they recently released their debut EP. Go have a listen!

There were a lot of things to like about FOREBODE:

  • TJ reppin the Stros
  • Classic Peavey T-40 bass
  • Yamaha drums (this isn’t that interesting, it’s just Yamaha makes good drums)
  • Their music, which frequently goes in unexpected and interesting directions. Take their cover of “Come As You Are,” from their debut EP. Real talk, I was ready to hate this on principle but I think they did some fun stuff with it.

This was Forebode’s last show for the year, as they are settling down to write an album, which I look forward to hearing!

Also hailing from Austin, Koningsor did us a solid by being the most prog band on the bill (frequently our role at DIY shows).


These guys do a nice job balancing HC tuffness with the riffy post-emo guitar stuff that is big in Austin right now. If you like the Fall of Troy I bet you’d be into this band but I’m old so I could be totally wrong about that. Check em out and let me know if I am down with the kids or not

I wanna say this was our third time playing with Krvshr, who really should have headlined this show based on the strength of their lighting game alone.

Bonus points to Jason Friedman for repping his own band onstage.

Krvshr delivered an ideal fusion of band and venue with this set and I had a great time watching them. Their newest record Night Terrors  is great for fans of Brutal Truth and Neurosis. Go listen to it.

We closed the show. Setlist:

Savage Sky
Welcome to the Adders’ Land
Last of the Green Vial
Back Office
Tusk Aurora

Time for a few shout outs!

The above photos of us are courtesy of Sam’s Pyreship bandmate George Lusito.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

I’ll prolly throw a few more of his pics up on our Insta so keep an eye out there. George also took a full video of Tusk Aurora, which you can see (and hear surprisingly well) on Facebook. Thanks George!

Have to also send thanks out to Tony Rich for running sound and doing a kickass job of it all night!


Thanks also to Rory from Sleeping Ancient just for being there even though he’s seen us like a million times!


And finally thanks to Zach from Forebode for asking us to play and the White Swan for holding it down for the Houston punk and metal community for many years.

See y’all on the road!