Austin 2017.05.12

GREETINGS EARTH PEOPLE! You must excuse the brevity and directness of this post, for I am currently installed at an offworld maintenance facility where my partner device is engaged in downloading a new offspringĀ  unit from the home server on planet MEELEE-prime.

Anyway last week we played in Austin, where Josh Paul of the Lost Well, Golden Age Tattoo, CLRVOYANT, Crossbuilder, Running With Pendejos and HOLY-JEEZ-this-guy-gets-around was EXTREMELY kind to set up a show for us!

Friday, May 12: The Lost Well (Austin) with Black Boxes, Umothered and CLRVOYANT

Black Boxes opened the show. My understanding of them ahead of time was “punk” but they turned out to be more complicated- sort of a power-pop band but with gruff hardcore vocals.

It was a little like if one of the dudes from Hot Water Music was the vocalist for the Strokes. I know that sounds iffy but I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed their set! Their singer was really going for it and in truth I found their whole thing pretty endearing. And they just released an EP that they recorded with Chris Gates of Big Boys fame so you know they’re keepin’ it weird! Check it out.

We last saw the good gentlemen of Unmothered struggling with gear troubles at the Dirty Dog, and aside from that I’m not sure I had ever seen them play?? So it was nice to rectify that.

There were two things about Umothered that really impressed me:

  1. Their songs, which often went in directions I was not expecting and showed an impressive amount of range- I remember thinking that one song near the end of their set sounded like Wire, which is not something you hear from a heavy band
  2. Drummer Matt Moulis pulling off a pretty strong impression of Des Kensel of High on Fire. I tried to take some video but apparently I fucked it up! SAD

They’re working on their second (?) album right now, which you should get excited for because their new material is very interesting!

Josh’s band CLRVOYANT may be remembered by astute observers as The Dead See. But be ye not deceived! Their new material is even deeper and more epic!

Embedded 360 video from their Facebook page. The end of this song is SO GOOD guys, I can’t stand it

It was clear that some of the material they performed was still being worked through, but even half this set would have been utterly satisfying for anyone that enjoys expansive, thoughtful, intense sludge metal. If you live in Austin you need to see these guys. Your next chance is June 27 with Wizard Rifle and Black.

We closed things down in the wee hours.

Everyone said we were extremely loud! Melissa was playing her new EXTRA BLACK J-bass with active pickups and she actually got asked to turn down which I’m pretty sure is the first time I’ve ever seen that happen at the Lost Well! So score one for the good guys.


Last of the Green Vial
A Ruined Oak
Back Office
Vela Hotel
Tusk Aurora

After the show we repaired to forward operating base MEELEE-Alpha where Sambot interfaced with my K-10 unit:

Thanks to Josh, Dusty, Ky, Cello, Andy and everyone at the Lost Well for an awesome night. One of the best we’ve ever had in Austin!


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