ACLU Benefit with Alphabet Soup

While I drove home from Bryan on Friday to see my son, Melissa, Sam and Jamie loaded up the gear (THANKS GUYS! <33333) and decamped to the domicile of Michael Scarborough from the Ex-Optimists, who inhabits a beautiful midcentury modern ranch house in town with his better half Katie, their dog Zoot, and approximately 500 Fender Jazzmaster guitars (and 2 Les Pauls).

Apparently this process took a little longer than some of us would have preferred

On Saturday morning I got up early to pick up my mom at the airport, eat a burrito, feed my son, dogs, and wife, and hurriedly pack an overnight bag. In a hurry to catch the bus to Dallas, I turned the wrong way down 17th street. . . directly in front of a state trooper. As he checked my license, I watched my fellow passengers load up at the Megabus station immediately next door for a 12:30 departure. Here’s the timestamp on the warning he wrote me:


I get a lot of WHA?! reactions when I tell them I’m taking the bus- look, wouldn’t you prefer to make someone else deal with this?

I was able to walk from the Megabus stop to Deep Ellum, and I hung about there drinking espresso, people-watching and collecting life hacks from bums while the other guys perfumed their loins at the Hampton Inn. Before load-in we met up for dinner at a local purveyor of enormous pizzas, which, to our surprise, was delivered uncut. For want of a knife, we rent it barehanded and stuffed our faces LIKE ANIMALS. It was pretty good!

Saturday, July 8: ACLU fundraiser at Club Dada (Dallas) with Dead to a Dying World and In the Company of Serpents

We were honored for the second night in a row to be part of this special event benefiting the American Civil Liberties Union and their efforts to prevent our society from devolving into a fascist nightmare.

The best I felt all night, though, was when the sound engineer, Austin, not only didn’t tell Sam to turn down, but called his guitar tone, and I quote, “beautiful.”

I love the chaos of an intimate, bare-bones venue like Revolution, but it’s a real treat to play on a nice wooden stage with a powerful PA and feel like you’re in a Real Band for a minute.

Setlist same as in Bryan the previous night.

Dada’s corner stage made conditions ideal for capturing all seven members of Dead to a Dying World in a single photo:

Great stage lighting here as well.



This was only the third DTADW gig for drummer Josh Dawkins, who also plays with bassist Daine Vineyard in Lions of Tsavo, and we were all thought he, as Melissa put it, WRECKED SHIT.


Great job Josh!

As time and circumstance have scattered the members of DTADW to the four winds, opportunities to see them have become rare and special, and we were happy to share this one.  I don’t know when they’ll play again, but you can experience the next best thing on their Live at Roadburn LP (also coming on vinyl later this year, I’ve heard).

Denver’s In the Company of Serpents headlined the show with some classic two-piece doom metal.

Look closely at these photos and you’ll see no less than three amps switched on.

As the tribe is wont to express it, they were heavy as fuck. You can still get a copy of their brand new record Ain-Soph Aur on vinyl- do it!

We hadn’t been to Dallas before this in almost two and a half years and it’s been way too long. I always forget how much fun these shows are- look at the grin on this fool!

But more importantly, we raised about $900 for the ACLU. And as any activist will tell you, every effort counts.

Many thanks to James Magruder for making this happen.




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